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Your MetLife Long Term Disability Claim and Social Security Benefits

MetLife has written an interesting article that has some basic overviews of Social Security questions and answers. While the information is helpful, you need to understand that MetLife requires you to apply for Social Security Disability benefits as part of your Long Term Disability claim.While they try to explain the benefits as to why you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits, they really don’t make is clear that your Long Term Disability benefits will be reduced by MetLife once you’ve received Social Security Disability benefits.They also recommend that you call MetLife to discuss hiring an attorney to represent you...

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Dr. Gerson and Your Long Term Disability Claim

Dr. Gerson is a well-known psychiatrist in the Long Term Disability world who makes millions doing part time reviews for companies like UDC. Dr. Gerson MO is clear, as revealed in an article “Doctors Paid to Aid Insurers in Disability Claim’s Denial” by Evan George.Mr. George noted that Prudential Claims uses Dr. Gerson to perform medical reviews as an independent contractor. According a Prudential Claims worker, Dr. Gerson tells them how to successfully deny claims including that of a woman with a brain tumor. Dr. Gerson will suggest surveillance and/or having neuropsychological examination among other tests.The Long Term Disability carrier...

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Hartford Insurance Company and the University Disability Consortium

Long Term Disability carriers need a “legitimate” reason for denying your Long Term Disability claim and nothing stops them from buying such an opinion. According to an article, “Doctors Paid to Aid Insurers in Disability Claims Denial” by Evan George of the Daily Journal, the Hartford “alone paid University Disability Consortium more than $13 million between 2002 and 2007 for ten thousand reviews.” The insurer “provided 75% of the firm’s income in 2006.” Further, the article reveals that UDC initially charged a rate of $300 an hour, but has subsequently “dropped the price to $225 for the Hartford in a...

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Multiple Sclerosis and Your Long Term Disability Claim

In Multiple Sclerosis there are a number of mobility challenges you may experience because of weakness, spasticity and balance problems.Weakness is often accompanied by a stiff and heavy feeling in your legs. This weakness and spasticity in your trunk and legs can reduce your balance. It’s important that your medical records and physical therapy notes document the problems that you are having with weakness, spasticity, and balance problems, as those are important parts of your functionality....

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Surveillance Pre-Texting and Your Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits

Sometimes investigators will conduct a pretext contact before beginning surveillance. That will include a telephone call to your house, or even contact with your neighbors.Some surveillance companies will go so far as to even call your doctors, place of employment or any other place that you regularly associate with to determine if you are present. They also in the context of this call or contact will ask questions about your activities so that they can be better prepared to conduct surveillance.Be careful of calls that you might receive from people you don’t know asking questions about whether you are home...

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Refusing to Sign a Medical Authorization

Long Term Disability carriers commonly ask you to sign blanket medical releases that allow them to have any type of contact with your medical providers. This is much more than simply allowing them to get your records, the release allows their peer review doctors, nurses or even the adjuster to contact your doctors in an effort to have their medical provider agree that you can return to work in some capacity.At The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey, we instruct our clients to sign releases but we limit to them to securing medical records only.We put an addendum in the...

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How Can the Surveillance Company Positively Identify the Long Term Disability Claimant?

Long Term Disability carriers spend a lot of money to get pictures of Long Term Disability applicants or recipients so that they can ultimately deny Long Term Disability benefits. They have to make sure they have the right person! How do they do that? The Long Term Disability carrier may provide the surveillance company with a picture of you. The surveillance company will then attempt to match your photo and do at least six other things:1.    Overhear you state your name to someone. 2.    Overhear someone else call you by name and you acknowledging your name being called. 3.    Exiting a residence...

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How Long Will You Be Surveyed?

Surveillance cases are normally scheduled for a ten hour work day, 6am to 4pm. Most Long Term Disability carriers require investigators to check in with police or law enforcement on a daily basis.Upon arrival, investigators normally take a time shot of your resident for at least 30 seconds. If it’s a gated community they’ll try to make special arrangements to gain access to your community on the pretext doing “work.”Thereafter, most Long Term Disability carriers require that the investigator take time shots of 15 seconds at the beginning of every hour and a final time shot of thirty seconds at...

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Depositions and Discovery in Wrongfully Denied Long Term Disability Claim

The ability to take depositions in the long term disability cases is, unfortunately, limited. That allows of insurance companies like LINA to hide the conflict of interest in its reasons for denying disability benefits.For example, Medhav-Harahwaj is a repeat offender. Ms. Harahwaj has never seen a long term disability claim that she could pay.Fortunately, the court agreed that in Alleen V Lina Ms. Harahwaj could be deposed on topics including LINA’s internal growth procedures, or if LINA took steps to promote accuracy in its claim’s administration, the actual review of the claim filed, whether LINA had a history of large...

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Claims and CIGNA

If you are a CIGNA disability policy holder, you should know that CIGNA has internal guidelines for chronic fatigue syndrome that CIGNA long term disability adjusters are supposed to follow in evaluating a claim.Unfortunately, more often than not, CIGNA ignores their own internal guidelines and makes a concerted effort to deny valid claims.If you are a CIGNA policy holder who has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, contact Nancy Cavey prior to filing you claim for legal advice about how to be successful with your chronic fatigue syndrome claim; learn about the games that CIGNA will play in denying your...

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