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Sleep Resources for MS Social Security Disability Patients

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a wealth of information regarding MS, including information on treatment, medication, and good common practical advice on dealing with MS. Some of the resources for MS and sleep deprivation are “You Can Get the Sleep You Need” and “Sleep Disorders and MS”. You can visit the National MS Society at for more information. ...

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If You Don’t Know How to Choose the Right Social Security Attorney You’ll Hate Yourself Later When Your Social Security Disability Claim is Denied

You need to work closely with a Social Security Disability attorney to get the Social Security Disability benefits you are entitled to. But, before you hire a lawyer you need to know how to choose the right lawyer for your Social Security Disability case. If you don’t, you’ll hate yourself later and you’ll lose your claim. The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey suggest that you do the following things: 1. Look at the lawyers website to determine whether there is helpful information about the Social Security Disability claims process. Does this website educate you or is all about the lawyer? 2. When...

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Do You Know the Mistake You Can Make in your Multiple Sclerosis Social Security Disability Claim by Not Understanding the Impact of an MS listing?

Receiving Social security Disability benefits if you suffer from multiple sclerosis can be difficult. However, there is a Social Security “listing” 11.09 that directly addresses entitlement of Social Security Disability benefits if you have multiple sclerosis.You must have a clear diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.More importantly, the Social Security Administration considers four factors in determining whether or not you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.It’s important that your medical records document the following:1. FatigueYou must show that you have muscle weakness as a result of repetitive activity. You may be able to do work like physical activity for a short amount...

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Florida UNUM Disability Claims | UNUM Disability Denial Facts

UNUM, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the United State's largest provider of employer sponspred group disability benefits "providing benefits for 42% of today's Fortune 500" businesses. Unfortunately, it is our experience as Florida UNUM Disability Denial lawyers that UNUM does not deliver what it promises to those businesses who purchase group disability insurance for its employees. UNUM's website would have you believe that the "foucs is on recovery." Long term disabilty benefits from UNUM "can replace part of your income so you can focus on recovery instead of worrying about your ability to pay the bill." Unfortunately, as a Florida disability...

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Representing Hartford Disability Insurance Policyholders Denied Benefits | Hartford Disability Claims

The Hartford Financial Services was started in 1810. Hartford offers property and casualty insurance, life insurance, automobile insurnace, and workers' compensation insurance. Life insurance accounts for over 1/3 of their business. Hartford provides packaged group, short, long term disability, and life insurance benefits for employers. Employers want to do the right thing and offer their employee's group, life, health, and disability insurance. Hartford promises to "protect your income with disability insurance." Unfortunately, a lot of employers don't understand that price alone is not the way to pick a carrier. Hartford has a poor track record for paying short and long term disability...

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Hartford Disability Income Protection Denied | Tampa Bay Hartford Disability Insurance Claims Denied Lawyers

When you decided to look for disability insurance coverage and went to Hartford's web page "The Hartford At Work - Calculate It" it answered questions about your household finances, how much money you spent and saved, and how you expected your income to grow. But, the page did not tell you how often Hartford denied claims for short term or long term disabilty. It also did not tell you that Hartford would deduct from your gross short or long term disability benefits any Social Security disability you or your family might get. They did not tell you the truth when you applied...

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Hartford Disability Insurance Lawyer | Consumer Complaints

What do consurmers have to say about Hartford Disability claims handling and claims denials? Read about Hartford disability policyholders who are in the Hartford disability claims process and are having problems like harrassment of their treating doctor, the failure to return calls, suspension of benefits without good reason, and the reduction of Hartford disability benefits by the receipt of a pension or Social Security disability. You can also read about Hartford disability claims denials! Disability lawer Nancy Cavey, who helps Hartford short term and long term disability policy holders whose claims are delayed or denied, has written the book you need to...

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Disability Insurance Claim Denied by Hartford | Florida Hartford Disability Claim Denied Attorney

Have you looked at Hartford's website? Its advertising tag line is "Group Benefit: Experience without Equal. Benefits Without Burden" is anything but for its disability denied policy holders. It is more like "experience claim denial and face financial burdens!" Hartford acknowledge's that "1/3 of people between the ages of 35 and 65 will suffer a serious disability" and it is "#1 in new Group Disability sales" in 2005. But what it does not talk about is its claims handling process and agressive use of field statements by its investigators and the use of surveillance companies. The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey...

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Florida UNUM Disability Facts | Tampa Bay UNUM Disability Denial Lawyers

UNUM, one of the largest short and long term disability insurance companies in the United States, knows that "the average age of a UNUM disability applicant is 45." Harris Interactive notes that "only 5% of baby boomers realize they have a 1-3 chance of becoming disabled during their working years." Many UNUM disability policy holders buy UNUM short and long term disability coverage to "replace part of your income so you can focus on recovery instead of worrying about your ability to pay the bills." Unfortunately, The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey, your UNUM Disability Denial Lawyers, know all to...

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