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Have You Been “Diggled”? – Long Term Disability Denied Lawyer

I just got a call from someone who had looked at our website and was set to have his statement taken by the long term disabilty investigator. He did not know what to do!iIf you get a call from a long term disabilty carrier asking to take your statement you might be "Diggled". That is a term I created to describe the tactics of some investigators.These long term disability carrier investigator's, including Hartford's Mr. Diggle, will interview your neighbors about your activities. That is ok but if he changes what they say that is being "Diggled". You may be want...

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The “Fake Bad Scale” – The Weapon Used to Deny Long Term Disability Cases – Florida Denied Long Term Disability Lawyer

One of the most common tools used by long term disability companies to deny claims is to have an Independent Medical Psychological Examiner (not, as they are paid by the long term disability carrier) have you take the MMPI test. This test was created in the 1930s at the University of Minnesota and has been used to "detect certain personality traists and emotional strengths and weaknesses."As reported in a  article, the MMPI was given a "face-lift" and was renamed the MMPI-2 in 1989. There is a "bitter feud among leading scholars" because of the newly added "Fake Bad...

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Faking Medical Records and Defrauding the Long Term Disability Insurance Company|Tampa Disability Denied Attorney

It is hard enough for the truly disabled Metropolitan Life Insurance long disability clients to get the long term disability benefits they deserve. Now, Rose Durbin, of Rochester, N.Y. has plead quilty to defrauding Metropolitan Life of $30,578.00 in long term disability benefits she wrongful got while working.Ms. Durbin created "false medical records from September 2004 to April 2006 about an injury she suffered in Florida and faxed them to Metropolitan Life." Not only did she work while collecting long term disability benefits but she created false medical records.Nancy Cavey, Florida long term disability benefits denied lawyer, won't represent people...

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