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Amending The Social Security Onset Date Can Adversely Affect Your Client’s Long Term Disability Claim

Social Security Onset Date Amending Disability Claim

It's crucial that a Social Security disability attorney coordinate the filing of an appeal of short and long term disability claims. How We Help Other Social Security Attorneys Why?Many long term disability policies provide coverage while a person is working. Most policies provide that coverage will end on the day they last worked or at the time they stopped working. The policy holder will have to prove that they became disabled at the time they stopped working. But What Impact Does Amending The Onset Date Have? If you have to amend the onset date in a Social security claim to a date after they've...

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First District Court of Appeal Issues Blockbuster Decision Holding That A Single Report of Elevated Blood Pressure At A Pre-Employment Physical Isn’t Evidence of Hypertension

First District Court of Appeal Hypertension Disability Claim

First responders can establish the compensability of their hypertension or cardiological disease under the statutory presumption in the Florida Heart and Lung Statute 112.18(a)(2015). However, to do so, the law enforcement officer must "have successfully passed the physical examination" which failed to reveal "any evidence of any such condition". A Single Report of Elevated Blood Pressure Isn't Evidence of Hypertension In the blockbuster case of City of Tavares v. Harper, entered by the First District Court of Appeals on October 24, 2017, the First DCA found that a single report of elevated blood pressure at a pre-employment physical does not constitute evidence...

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