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Are You Unprepared for Your Social Security Disability Hearing?

If you choose to go it alone and don’t have an attorney represent you at the Social Security hearing you will simply have no clue about the Social Security Disability process, the reasons that your claim was denied in the past, the importance of obtaining and submitting updated medical records to the judge, and developing evidence that will help you win your Social Security Disability case.

When an administrative law judge sees an unrepresented claimant who isn’t prepared, the judge is tempted to dispense with this case quickly, and with little effort by denying the claim.

The administrative law judge probably should tell every claimant to get representation and offer to reschedule a hearing but, most, won’t. The administrative law judge’s can also ask for development in a case by sending you to a consultative examination or suggesting that you obtain medical records. But, unfortunately, most administrative law judge’s don’t. Unfortunately, in the experience of Cavey and Barrett, most administrative law judge’s don’t give non represented claimants cases the same degree of respect that they do when you are represented.

Having a Social Security Disability attorney to represent you and argue your claim for a knowledgeable and experienced standpoint to an administrative law judge is priceless. Why jeopardize your benefits hoping that the right evidence is in your file or that the administrative law judge will do the right thing.

Cavey and Barrett have written a free consumer guide, at a $19.99, Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits, which you can order by clicking the link above or by calling 727-894-3188. An educated Social Security Disability claimant has a better chance of winning their Social Security Disability claim.

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