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Are You the Star in the Long Term Disability Claims Denial Movie?

Long Term Disability carriers routinely hire private investigators to conduct video surveillance of you. More often than not Nancy Cavey, St. Petersburg and Tampa disability insurance lawyer, often will see that the report that the video surveillance doesn’t match the actual footage taken or, in some cases is an actual work of fiction.

If your Long Term Disability claim has been denied as a result of surveillance, you need a Long Term Disability attorney. Nancy Cavey requests a copy of your Long Term Disability claim’s file, including the surveillance and the surveillance report.

Nancy Cavey, Long Term Disability denied expert, watches the video tape and makes the record of all the actual kinds activity and an activity log. There are many things that she sees in the surveillance film that is absolutely ignored by a Long Term Disability carrier.

It is not uncommon for the investigator to ignore what’s shown on the surveillance that actually supports your claim for disability.

Of course, the Long Term Disability claim’s adjuster rarely reviews the surveillance tape and relies on the summary for the claims denial.

Nancy Cavey has a strategy for dealing with this and handling Long Term Disability claims that have been denied. She:

1. Reviews the videotape,

2. Compares the videotape with the surveillance log,

3. Creates her own cumulative activity log,

4. If necessary, takes the surveillance tape to your treating physician to have them address what is seen in the videotape as compared to their reports and finding about your physical functioning,

5. Gets an affidavit from you and your family about what you were doing and the difficulties that you have on an ongoing basis,

6. As necessary, has the doctor and a vocational evaluator compare what is shown on the videotape, which when showing it is going to get to gasoline, going to the doctor’s office or running errands, and have that comment on how that activity does not translate into the ability to work. Let’s face it, activities such as walking a dog, shopping, having lunch, running errands doesn’t mean that you can do that activity on a sustained basis or that that is the equivalent of work or in fact has any relationship to the material duties of your own occupation.

If you’ve been a star in a Long Term Disability horror flick, contact HM Insurance Group Disability Claims Lawyer, Nancy Cavey for assistance in filing your Long Term Disability claim.

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