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Representing Mass Mutual Financial Group Disability Claims in Florida

Mass Mutual Disability AttorneyMassachusetts Mutual Life (Mass Mutual) is owned by Mass Mutual Financial Group, which was founded in 1851. Mass Mutual sells many insurance products including disability income insurance. In 1996 it merged with Connecticut Mutual and acquired various commercial, finance and investment services.

Mass Mutual Financial Group has created a disability insurance guide for individuals and families entitled “Disabled? Me? Never!” Mass Mutual Financial group knows that if you couldn’t work, you are and your family would have difficulty in meeting its financial obligations including paying your mortgage, car payment, utilities, education and living expenses.

They provide a worksheet to help you determine whether or not you have the appropriate disability coverage you need and we applaud Mass Mutual for their efforts to help educate you regarding your needs. You can find this worksheet at

Unfortunately, the claims process for Mass Mutual Financial groups is an education of a different sort.

As they point out, “life is full of challenges.” Unfortunately, Mass Mutual disability claims handling only adds to “life’s challenges.”

If you are a Mass Mutual Financial Group disability insurance policy holder and are thinking about filing a claim for disability benefits or your claim has been delayed, denied, disputed or even terminated, Mass Mutual Financial Group disability attorney, Nancy Cavey, can help.

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