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Cancer is the Leading Cause of UNUM Disability Claims

Many Long Term Disability carriers such as UNUM, track very closely the leading causes of payment in Long Term Disability benefits. In a May 3, 2010 press release, UNUM advised for the “9th consecutive year, cancer is the leading cause of Long Term Disability claims for UNUM. They constituted over 11.8% of the Long Term Disability claims in 2009.”

UNUM has prepared a booklet called “Moving Down: Cancer Survivors at Work.” UNUM is aggressive about attempting to return those who have been diagnosed with cancer to work and their statistics show that 50-70% of claimants return to work in 5-7 months.

However, it is important to understand that not all cancer patients can return to work because of side effects of medication or therapy. The side effects can include, tingling and numbness of your hands or feet, difficulty concentrating, and nausea. Those side effects can significantly reduce your ability to return to work.

If you are a cancer sufferer who’s Short or Long Term Disability claim is being denied or delayed you need to speak to cancer disability claim attorney Nancy Cavey.

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